Roller Blinds

Internal Roller Blinds

From functional to fashionable – this is the way roller blinds have developed over the years. Initially appreciated for their excellent shading qualities, now their unobtrusiveness and easy operation has made them a favorite with interior designers and home owners. Their simple clean lines are the perfect complement to modern architecture. Not only do they offer sun protection and privacy, they add to the ambiance of the room.

There is a blind to suit every window.

Anti-microbial roller blind


Key features:

  • Significantly reduces glare whilst conserving the natural light supply
  • Manual blinds can be operated by spring assisted chain, unassisted chain or spring only
  • Motorised blinds can be controlled by wall switch, remote control or home automation
  • Available in a variety of fabrics to suit any need and taste


External Roller Blinds

External Roller Blind Systems are specifically designed for building facades and vast glazed areas.

External Roller Blind Systems constitute a heat shield, which contributes to preserving a constant internal ambient temperature, and therefore enables you to reduce energy and operating costs.

External Roller Blind Systems boast textiles specifically designed to offer dimensional stability and resistance to the weather, UV radiation and tearing


Key features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • For domestic and commercial use
  • Extensive range of fabrics in terms of Solar Protection and Colour
  • Uses sturdy guide cables, side channels or the unique ShyZip side channel guide system
  • Available with or without cover boxes
  • Wind resistant
  • Reduces energy consumption